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  • Before I contacted Mr. Patterson, I was informed by several other DUI attorneys, that my DUI case was too difficult and that I was going to have to plead guilty to DUI and other related charges. I was beginning to lose hope and confidence and I was fearful that I was going to lose my job as a result. After meeting with Mr. Patterson, he assured me that he felt comfortable moving forward with my DUI case and was optimistic that he could get the other charges reduced. After the prosecutor was not willing to reduce my DUI charge or any of the other charges, I told Mr. Patterson that I wanted to plead guilty; just to get everything over with. Jackie's response was, "NO WAY!" Jackie insisted that we move foward with a jury trial to get an outcome that would be more favorable for me. Needless to say, Jackie's decision was the right one! After the jury deliberated, they came back with a NOT-GUILTY verdict on my DUI charge and dismissed all of my other charges as well! The best feeling in the world was when the prosecutor approached Mr. Patterson and myself (right after the NOT-GUILTY verdict was read) and said that "this was the first DUI jury trial they had ever lost!" I can't thank Mr. Patterson enough for his hard work and professionalism! Mr. Patterson is truly one of the most educated and best attorneys around! - MW, Fulton County, Georgia

  • I was the unlucky recipient of a traffic ticket earlier this year. Since I was under 21, and accused of going 30 miles over the speed limit, Georgia law requires that my license be suspended for at least six months. Mr. Patterson represented me in court, and got my 30 miles over reduced to only 7 miles over. He also got my fine reduced significantly, and more importantly, because of Jackie's legal expertise I was able to keep my license! - TS, Lawrenceville Georgia

  • Jackie Patterson returned my initial call immediately and provided me with guidance and treated me with compassion. Throughout the time of waiting for a court appearance he was available to answer questions as they came up. He provided me with realistic expectations as to how the courts and legal system would deal with my situation and he gave me honest advice. He consulted with me on strategies and kept my interests for defense as his priority. I can whole heartedly recommend him to any friends or colleagues who may ever need the representation and support of an attorney. - KBB, Clayton County Georgia

  • I was involved in an accident where I hit a fixed object. The police arrived and noticed I had alcohol on my breath. I was charged with a DUI/ alcohol / less safe charge combined with striking a fixed object. My car was impounded and my bail was 2,000.00. I spent over 6 hours in jail that night. The next day I did some research on the penalties for a DUI conviction and decided it would be in my best interest to hire an attorney to represent my case. I came across Mr. Jackie Patterson on the internet. I was arrested in East Point Georgia and I live 100 miles away in Houston County Georgia. I needed someone from the local area. I called him on the phone and I was convinced he was the Attorney I wanted to defend me in court. I never met Mr. Patterson until my court date. I mailed him a copy of the police report and the traffic violations. When I appeared in court Mr. Patterson had already communicated to the prosecutor that he would be representing me. Attorney Patterson went into a meeting with the prosecutor and came out an informed that my DUI charge was being reduced to a reckless driving. I could not believe it! I was ready to accept my punishment and plead guilty to DUI because all I wanted out of this was to hire Attorney Patterson to communicate to the court my sincere apologies and mitigate the punishment of the DUI. He comes out of a 15-20 minute meeting with the prosecutor and there is no DUI. I still had to take the defensive driving course and 40 hours of community service but the DUI will not be on my record. That was a huge benefit to my personal and professional life. Attorney Patterson obviously has earned the respect of the courts and the prosecutors. He handled my case and went above and beyond any of my expectations. He was calm with me and responsive every time I called him. If you hire Jackie Patterson you are getting a very well known and capable attorney. I have nothing but respect for the way he handled my case. Please do not drink and drive even if you had only a couple of drinks! - DK, Houston County Georgia

  • My son, AW was stopped in Union City, GA on a Saturday morning for an alleged illegal left turn onto a private road. The officer ordered my son out of the car and proceeded to give him a hand/sobriety test. He passed the test but was then ordered to take a breathalyzer test. My son persistently questioned the officer about his legal rights which resulted in him being handcuffed, car towed, and he was taken to jail where he remained locked up until the following Monday morning without bond or visitation. He was charged with a DUI refusal, making an illegal turn and expired out-of-state registration. Prior to this, my son had never been charged with a criminal offense. I live in MD and he had recently relocated to GA. I flew to GA for the bond hearing. During the hearing, my son never pleaded guilty to the charges nor did the judge ever ask how he was pleading. The Judge told him if you want to be released and not have to come back to court, I can place you on probation. The judge granted him probation and he was released. We later received notice from the State that his license was suspended because he was convicted of DUI. We decided to seek out legal advice to see if it was too late to fight the DUI charge. After many hours of research on the internet, I found Attorney Jackie Patterson. He immediately confirmed our beliefs, consented to represent my son and appealed the Union City ruling to a higher court. Finally, at the hearing, Mr. Patterson was able to get my sonís conviction reversed because he was able to show the Superior Court Judge in Fulton County that my son never waived his rights to a lawyer when he plead guilty and all charges against my son has been dropped and he has his driverís license restored all due to Attorney Pattersonís expert knowledge of the law. We both want to thank you Mr. Patterson for your professionalism and for agreeing to defend my son. -DH and AW, State of Maryland

  • I hired Attorney Patterson to defend me in Lagrange Georgia on the charge of Burglary where I was facing 20 years if convicted. I was accused of breaking into a friendís house by coming in through the kitchen window and breaking a vase in the process. I was caught in the house by my friend who came home early from work. The police was not called until the next day when the homeowner noticed a video game missing from his sonís room. I was arrested and charged. At trial Attorney Patterson was able to convince the jury that I went to the house looking for my friend and the front door was open so I just walked on in looking for my friend. He told the jury that at most I should be convicted of criminal trespass by going into the front door that was unlocked without permission and that someone one other than me broke in the house since the police took no fingerprints from the window seal. I was convicted of misdemeanor criminal trespass and then Attorney Patterson convinced the Judge to give me one year straight probation and no jail time. I know where I would be if I had not hired Attorney Patterson. Thanks Mr. Patterson for fighting for me!! - JW, LaGrange Georgia

  • I donít know where to start to thank Mr. Patterson for what he did for me and my family. I had already served 2 years of a 10 year mandatory prison sentence for drug possession and had eight years to go when I asked my wife to try and find a lawyer to see if there was anything that could be done to help me. My wife and I both were charged with drug possession after a police raid on our house. My wife had nothing to do with it but was arrested because she lived there as well. We hired a lawyer out of Athens Georgia who represented both of us. The lawyer worked out a deal with the State to get my wife 2 years probation if I went to prison for 10 years. I did not want my wife to go to prison so I agreed to the deal. Every lawyer that my wife contacted said they could not help me because I had agreed to the deal. My wife was at the beauty salon one day was taking about my case and a lady at the salon who was in law school heard the conversation gave my wife the phone number to Attorney Patterson. Mr. Patterson came to see me at the prison and after hearing that the lawyer represented my wife and I at the same time, he immediately said he could get me out of prison because he was sure the lawyer had a conflict of interest when the lawyer negotiated a deal that would send one client to prison in order to keep his other client out of prison. Mr. Patterson filed a habeas corpus on my behalf and at the hearing the Judge ordered that I be release immediately after hearing the evidence. Not only was I released but I did not have to serve the remaining 8 years in prison. Mr. Patterson was the only lawyer that discovered that my lawyer had a conflict of interest that got me freed from prison. Thanks Mr. Patterson for knowing such an important area of law that allowed me to go home and be with my family. - NH, Banks County Georgia

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